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Coercivity or Coercive Force

Coercivity is the resistance of a magnetic material to an opposing external magnetic field. There are two different kinds of Coercivity- Hcb and Hcj. The higher the Coercivity number, the higher the magnet’s resistance to the opposing field.Hcj vs HcbHcb is Normal Coercivity and Hcj is Intrinsic Coercivity.The Difference between Hcj and HcbHcb – is called […]

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Extract Rare Earth Elements from Acid Mine Drainage

West Virginia University researchers are opening a new facility to capture valuable materials from a novel source – acid mine drainage from coal mining – turning the unwanted waste into critical components used in today’s technology-driven society. rare earth elements from Acid mine drainage Through a collaborative research and development program with the National Energy Technology […]

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Neodymium vs Ferrite Magnets

A central question that comes up in a magnet trade study is how to decide whether to use a Neodymium magnet or a Ferrite magnet for a particular application. A trade study that seems very simple at first glance can quickly become more complex once all the factors are considered. Designers who want to optimize their […]

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