About Us

Specializing in NdFeB magnetic materials manufacture and research for 30 years

Our Story

We are one of the largest sintered NdFeB (Neodymium) permanent magnet manufacturers in China, and a major worldwide force in NdFeB magnetics.

BJMT is one of the first NdFeB manufacturers in the world - beginning operations in Beijing in 1987 only 5 years after the invention of the NdFeB magnet. Since then, BJMT has continued to lead in the research and development, manufacture, and marketing of sintered NdFeB rare earth permanent magnets, and is a world leader in reducing the content of expensive Heavy Rare Earth (HRE) elements.

We have consistently led our industry in meeting and exceeding environmental, social and safety benchmarks, adopting many quality standards years ahead of our peers.

Our products are found in many exciting top-tier OEM applications all over the world - in Wind Turbines, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Audio Speakers, Industrial Motors, Mobile Phones and more.

North America Office in Los Angeles, California
Defining Excellence

In recent years, BJMT/Ideal has made world-leading advances in NdFeB Magnet technology, making many new Green Energy and high-tech applications more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. Our technologies are making the supply chain more stable and robust, and end users are specifying Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets with confidence.

Our new greenfield production plant opened in 2013 in Langfang and added over 5,000 tons/year of new capacity to supply top global customers with on-time deliveries of top-quality magnets for many of the planet's most important applications.

Two new greenfield plants are already under construction in Pinggu and Tianjin to handle market growth years into the future. These plants are incorporating state-of-the-art equipment as BJMT/Ideal continues to raise the standard of quality and leadership.


Our History

BJMT founded in Beijing, China
The whole NdFeB
manufacture line 
Patent License agreement signed with Sumitomo
Patent License renewed with Hitachi Metals. NdFeB capacity 3500 tons
Opened North America branch: Ideal Magnet Solutions inc
First NdFeB material production line
NdFeB capacity 300 tons per year
Shunyi plant completed. Annual NdFeB capacity 1500 tons
Public listed in NEEQ. Stock code 836299


Never Stop Growing

NdFeB Production Capacity

2009  1500 tons

2011  2000 tons

2013  2500 tons

2015  5500 tons

2018  7500 tons



OHSAS 18001
Qualified since 2007
ISO-TS 16949
Qualified since 2009
ISO 9001
Qualified since 2008
SA 8000
Qualified since 2008
ISO 14001
Qualified since 2004